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[How to fry crispy bananas]_Fried method_How to make

The most common way to eat bananas is to eat them directly, because eating bananas directly as a fruit is the most alternative way to eat bananas.

In addition to eating bananas freshly, you can squeeze bananas into juice instead.

And in some dessert shops or snack bars, there is a snack called crispy banana. The method of making crispy banana is different from the use of other bananas. The following explains the method of making crispy banana.

Use one material to prepare 3 bananas, the right amount of baking powder, the right amount of baking powder, the right amount of eggs, and the right amount of water.

I’ve put the loquat powder in the bowl in advance.

It doesn’t matter according to your own situation.

2. Peel the banana, cut it, and mix the flour, eggs, and the right amount of water. It must not be thin, otherwise the banana will not be wrapped and it will not be fried.

Mix all the baking powder and wait for 5 minutes to add an appropriate amount of baking powder.


After mixing, place the bananas in the prepared bowl.

Cover all the bananas with flour and prepare for a while.


After the oil is burned to 7 ripe, you can put bananas, pay attention to the heat.

Method two: Prepare three bananas, two eggs, 50 grams of flour, 50 grams of bread crumbs, and a moderate amount of salad oil.

To make step 1, scoop the eggs into a plate and break, then add a tablespoon of flour and stir to make a thick batter.

2. Remove two sides and four sides of the banana, and arrange them into a letter box.

3. Put the finished banana sticks into the egg batter, and stack them one by one without covering the batter.

4. Pick up a battered banana stick with chopsticks and place it on the bread crumbs.

5. Then pick up the bread crumbs with your hands and sprinkle them on the bananas, so that the bananas are covered with bread crumbs again.

6, pick up the banana covered with bread crumbs, shake the excess breadcrumbs a little, then put it into the oil pan, and fry slowly on low fire.

7, fry until one side is slightly yellow, then turn the other side and fry the other side to remove the oil control.

8, eat hot, you can also match tomato sauce, salad dressing or whatever.

Method 3: Raw materials: four bananas, two eggs, starch, flour and baking powder.

Steps: 1. 3 large flours, 1 large starch, add some salt, and add 2 eggs in it.

Pour in water and stir. Don’t add more water first. Add slowly, stir slowly, then add baking powder. Don’t add too much, just a little.

2. Stir by hand. There are small pieces of excess starch and flour in it. When you stir by hand, crush it.

Let it sit for 5 minutes and let it ferment.

3. Peel the banana, remove the ends slightly, and cut into sections.

Place the sliced banana segments in the fermented flour and cover with a layer of flour.

4. Add more oil to the pot, heat up the oil and pour in the bananas. Do not put all of them in the first time. Put a few in it and remove them when the fried color is yellow.

5. After it is removed, the oil is heated on a high heat, and then poured into bananas to fry again, and it will be removed after 1 minute of frying.

The fire blast can force the fried things out of oil, and the colors look better.